Waypoint sports many, not too many features. The features are perfectly fit to do your Lean and Agile Project Management. You can and should continue using your other tools for your other jobs... All Waypoint features are tested to their usability in conjunction with face-to-face communication and the possibility to manage several projects at a time -and to learn from that-.

Iterations and Releases

Splitting up the work is key to Lean and Agile Project Management. Waypoint features intelligent project splitting functionality, allowing you to always understand workload schedules for the entire Release, for each Iteration and for every day. So, Waypoint allows you to get just the view you need per timeframe and also to draw exactly the reports you want from them: On the completion of Themes, User Stories and Tasks and also on the burndown of available hours and budgets. Having this functionality embedded in your project management environment is extremely helpful to implement Lean and Agile Project Management as a working method in your project organization.

iterations and releases
Understand what's planned for past, current and future iterations and releases.

Waypoint is project management software to support the execution of Lean and Agile projects, in software development, new product development, construction, Waypoint is software to support lean project leaders and teams. The software allows to budget, plan, report, standardize and improve project execution, along the principles of Lean Project Management and Agile Programming and Planning. Waypoint is offered by Heyunka, a provider of on-line tools for the implementation of lean management and agile development.Heyunka's tools are web-based and require standard compliant browser. Clients are charged only for actual usage -from one to as many users as you like and for as long as you need it. Tools are sold on-line. No IT needed.

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