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On Time or Before

Know how to deliver on time or even before. Your client benefits, and so do you: Team members can be lined up sooner for another project and thus accomplish much more over the year.

Waypoint encourages you to split the available time frame for your projects in Releases -and Releases in Iterations-. You're also invited to split the work to be done: Products are grouped into Themes, which are then split in User Stories. Attributing estimated Story Points to each User Story then allows you to set up a levelled workload planning: The workload is equally distiributed over all iterations. Waypoint reports show you a clear view of the workload levelling as from the start.

Release Burndown Chart 1
Release Burndown Chart 1: In this example you can clearly see that the team has planned to complete more User Stories in the second Iteration, than in the first.

Using Waypoint you will be focusing your entire team on the completion of all User Stories due for an Iteration, adding only relevant Tasks to all Team Members' Todo Today Tabs.

The Todo Today Tab
The Todo Today Tab

Then, upon completion of the first Iteration, you will know if the foreseen scope can be completed within the timeframe set: If not all scheduled User Stories have been completed, you may be in trouble. Also in upcoming Iterations, you'll find it hard to get through the scheduled workload. So, you'll be prompted to redefine the project at this very early stage: By redefining the scope, adjusting the budget, or changing the way to work on User Stories.

Release Burndown Chart 2
Release Burndown Chart 2: In this example the Team has not been able to complete all User Stories scheduled for the first Iteration, leading to the need for an addtional Iteration (the White Trend Box) and invoking an extended grey line -if nothing is done to stop this-.

This way, you and your client will be experiencing delivery of a completed project on time, or even before.

Release Burndown Chart 3
Release Burndown Chart 3: The Team has decided to increase the amount of work to complete during the second Iteration, for instance by adding an addtional resource to their Team. And they've managed to do so.

Waypoint is project management software to support the execution of Lean and Agile projects, in software development, new product development, construction, Waypoint is software to support lean project leaders and teams. The software allows to budget, plan, report, standardize and improve project execution, along the principles of Lean Project Management and Agile Programming and Planning. Waypoint is offered by Heyunka, a provider of on-line tools for the implementation of lean management and agile development.Heyunka's tools are web-based and require standard compliant browser. Clients are charged only for actual usage -from one to as many users as you like and for as long as you need it. Tools are sold on-line. No IT needed.

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