Waypoint is great to run your projects. For software development, marketing campaigns, construction projects, relocation, maintenance, education, regional development projects, urban planning, organizational change and of course your next bachelor party...

Updates Included

Don't bother about the automatic updates for this software-as-a-service, – It's all included and available automatically. Waypoint is growing and improving by the month, you'll regularly be notified on new features and functionality -as they emerge-. Also, you're invited to submit your Waypoint User Stories in order to continuously improve the toolkit.

Waypoint is Software as a Service: Software and its associated data are hosted centrally in the Cloud and you can access these, using a complient web browser over the Internet. Users are invited to provide feedback and to report bugs and issues through Youtrack, which is easily accessed directly from Waypoint.

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Issue tracking with YouTrack.

Issues, other feedback from clients and users, plus our own ideas are constantly added to Waypoint by our dedicated development team, delivering a new release every month. All subscribers automatically access the updated software and can benefit from all new functionality. Our newsletter monthly reports on all improvements and added functionality.

Our newsletter.

Waypoint is project management software to support the execution of Lean and Agile projects, in software development, new product development, construction, Waypoint is software to support lean project leaders and teams. The software allows to budget, plan, report, standardize and improve project execution, along the principles of Lean Project Management and Agile Programming and Planning. Waypoint is offered by Heyunka, a provider of on-line tools for the implementation of lean management and agile development.Heyunka's tools are web-based and require standard compliant browser. Clients are charged only for actual usage -from one to as many users as you like and for as long as you need it. Tools are sold on-line. No IT needed.

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